Oto Machines

Hi everybody,
Sorry for the long silence, we were very busy these last weeks.
Unfortunately we still don’t have a release date for BOUM yet !
There’s 2 reasons for that :
1/ Next year we’ll work with a new factory in west of France, with a better manufacturing quality and shorter production delays. We had to set up all the production, testing and assembly line for BOUM, but also for next batches of BIM and BAM. It took time to do so, but we are now ready to start the production of all our products in january 2018 !
2/ Since 6 months now, there’s a world severe electronic components shortage. Instead of few suppliers the factory had to work with, buyers now need to buy components in smaller quantities from many more wholesalers.
Lead time deliveries for these electronic components are then getting longer and longer.
Everything seems to be ok for us. All the necessary components are ordered now, but the factory still don’t know when they will be delivered. We hope to have this information before the end of the year, and then we’ll be able to give you a release date.
We hope to have BOUM ready in february.
Sorry again for the long wait, and thanks for your patience !