Oto Machines

The compressor is based on a VCA slightly un-biased in order to add a small amount of 2nd Harmonic distortion. Not inspired by any classic compressor, even if all VCA based compressor look quite the same.
I wanted something very simple to use, with only one pot covering the most 3 main settings of a VCA compressor : threshold, ratio and makeup gain. The sidechain has a special filtering that attenuate the compression in the low frequencies and enhance compression in the high frequencies. It helps to give to the BOUM compressor its particular sound.
The distortion stages and the Hi Cut filter are not inspired by any existing products. But the SQUARE distortion mode is inspired by a unique Fuzz effect schematic from the late 70s that used a comparator circuit instead of a classic high gain saturated amplifier. I really loved the sound of this effect, so I have added it to BOUM !