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Hey guys,

Yes, I have been working on a solution for this with teams from both CIOKS and OTO and can share where I am at with what I have discovered.

Per OTO,

The Bim, Bam and Boum need 15V, .5 Amp (500mA), center positive requirements. The power supply that comes with the machines give you 1 Amp (which is essentially twice the amount of amperage you actually need to power the unit properly).


“If you want to be 100% sure for reliability you need a #8800 parallel adapter flex for each followed by a #2050 or #2030 standard red type 2 flex. So you’ll need three of each. One #2050 is included with DC7. Both outlets used for one OTO must be set to 15V.You’ll need 2×3 outlets for 3 OTOs.

But another approach would be to measure the current draw to verify that 500mA figure which could be lower than the stated by OTO. Our DC7 outlets are rated for 400mA at 15V with some headroom. If you stay below and the red LED indicator is ON you are good with a single outlet per OTO. You still need 3x red type 2 Flex cables but will not need the #8800 parallel adapter. I would buy them and test both ways of powering these OTOs even if you have no possibilities of measuring them.”

I am ordering the DC7 and the additional adapters this week, and will let you all know what I find.

Also, I found this video by CIOKS very helpful in understanding the need for more amperage:

@samulj Yes, you will be ok with 600mA