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Oto Machines

The new firmware for BIM is written, I just need to test it intensively.
It will be posted on the SUPPORT page with the instructions on thursday or friday.

The features of this new revision are now definitive :
– 2 new FXs : Reverse and Thru (input gain, filters and 12-bit conversion but without delay)
– TAP tempo display on or off (setting kept on memory)
– Improvement of the accuracy of TAP tempo, MIDI beat clock and FREEZE. Now FREEZE is almost always in sync (with the technology used in BIM it’s not possible to get FREEZE perfectly synced for a long time, but it’s far better than before). FREEZE was not designed to be a looper, so don’t expect to have a synced loop for 3 minutes !
– Bug fix : Spillover and Aux mode were not working well, espcially after changing the ACTIVE mode parameter or after a preset load
– Bug fix : The TAP switch was not working in “TAP to LFO” or “TAP to Both” modes
– Bug fix : “LFO Division” was not working after a change in setting. Needed to tap the tempo again
– Bug fix : on early BIM units, the delay was out of sync for a short time after a stop and play.