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Hi to all,
Sorry for the long silence. OTO is still a small 2 people company, and we’ve been very busy with the release of BOUM, and increasing sales of our 3 products.
First, I have to say that we won’t release a reissue or a new version of Biscuit, I’m sorry to disappoint some of you. I prefer to spend my (precious) time to developp and create new products, and I have many ideas I want to test.
In 2018, among other things, I’ve spend a lot of time to listen and study 8, 12 and 16-bit audio and musical products released between 1976 and 1987.
These products were samplers (like the Fairlight CMI & IIx, Emulator II, Emax), drum machines (Emu SP12/1200, Linn LM-1, Oberheim DMX), or FX processors (delays, reverb, pitch-shifter from AMS, Lexicon, Publison, Eventide, Quantec, EMT, Korg, Roland, Ibanez, Bel).
I was lucky enough to try some of these machines in my lab, or going to studios equiped with them. When I had no possibility to listen to one of these, I built a prototype based on the original schematics (only the audio part).
I’ve studied the different 8 and 12-bit converters used in these products, and the techniques to improve the resolution of them (floating point conversion, uLaw ComDAC, analog companding, log + exponential amplifiers).
I cannot really tell you what the next OTO product will be (it’s too early for that), but I’m quite excited about it.
But I give you a small clue : this product could include a very close hardware and software emulation of Biscuit in it, among many other things…
The first prototype is planned for may, and if everything is OK we’ll start the industrial process in september.