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Hey everyone,
I am experiencing the exact same thing that 5ifth member is. I upgraded the firmware to try and fix the problem but it is still persisting.

Pardon my naivety in regards to this post:
Maybe there’s a MIDI Note filter engaged or MIDI channels are not matched between Ableton and Biscuit (clock messages are sent on all channels).
Go to Biscuit mode (4 + 5 + BRAIN) and check the MIDI filters, specially nr 6, Receive note filter.
Should not flash.
You can also set the right MIDI channel.
Go back to Der OTO mode and check if it’s OK now.

I understand as far as to get it to the Biscuit mode, and then how exactly do you check the midi filters? What is nr 6? Do I need to be looking at a computer to check the midi channels/filters etc or can it all be done through looking at the Biscuit?

Thank you, I am an amateur when it comes to this stuff. Cheers