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Hey All,
First post here. I received my BIM yesterday (the BAM arrived a week earlier), it’s fantastic, love at first sight/sound, but it looks like I may be having a tap tempo issue as well. To make this story short: tap tempo only flashes when its destination is set to delay time. When set to either the LFO or time/LFO, it just stops flashing. Resetting to time brings back the flashing. Tapping the button does change the tempo as it’s meant so I guess I’m good to go, still, this is a bit annoying, especially on a brand new unit. Did a system reset but have the same experience after that. I guess this is more or less a known issue, I wonder if this has been or will soon be fixed. Speaking of which: is my understanding correct that users can update the firmware thru the BIM’s MIDI-port, using a computer and an audio interface? Or…?
Your replies and advice will be much appreciated.