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    Using the THRU type it is possible to get a very nice, dry, jet flange type of effect by putting the pre delay at its shortest, putting the mix knob at 50% and modulating the size knob. Unfortunately when I tried to use the Digitakt to assign an LFO to controller 12 (size) the behaviour isn’t the same as when turning the size knob by hand, the LFO sweep depth does not go up as far (set Digitakt LFO on full in both polarities) so the effect doesn’t reach really high part of the jet flange sound so this needs readjusting..
    I also found that saving patches in the THRU mode was unreliable with patches in this mode mostly loading having no pre-delay sound when recalled (silence with mix at 100%). Still loving the boxes though, they sound great, are very well thought out and are a joy to use.

    Oto Machines

    Thanks for pointing the size CC problem in thru mode. I’m aware that there’s some problems with the Thru mode, I should work on it on a next revision.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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