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    as a matter of fact I also own a BIM unit besides my BAM and I also have a question here: When working with the freeze function I observed that the frozen audio runs out of sync with a tapped tempo or a Midi Clock signal. The frozen audio is always a bit shorter than the tapped or clocked time base. Therefore its repeats are a little faster than the time base. Does this have a technical reason or is it some kind of flaw? I would have expected that the frozen audio repeats exactly in sync with the given timebase.

    Thanks and Greetings!


    I noticed this the other day, but I think it has to do with the timing of the freeze button since it’s a 1 sec slice.

    I would love to have these slices be adjustable to get nice quick repeating effects that can be modulated. Maybe after freeze is pressed, the buttons are division of the slice? That would be super sweet!

    Oto Machines

    I’ll check that. Maybe it’s linked to the OFFSET setting.
    Try to set the OFFSET to one.
    About the FREEZE, I’m thinking of adding more features on a future revision (available this year).
    I was thinking of allowing some switches to be active when the freeze is on, like : twice the speed, half the speed, reverse/forward, half the size…
    Don’t hesitate to share your ideas !
    All the best,


    I received BIM today. Great unit. Sounds so good! But i was a little dissapointed when i noticed that freeze every time runs out of sync (tap buttons blinks perfect to sync).

    Denis, will the revision a new unit or a software update?


    Hi Denis and forum,

    I have both BIM and BAM and they’re super awesome!!
    I had an idea for the BAM. When using FREEZE on BAM I like to be in momentary switch mode then tap the FREEZE button in 8th note, quarter note, etc. patterns to create some cool rhythmic freeze effects. Was wondering if it’s possible to implement a 3rd freeze mode where you could use the TAP button to set freeze repeat frequency?
    That would be mega-cool!


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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