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    I’ve got some troubles sending MIDI parameters to my BIM/BAM.

    I’m using a Squarp Pyramid MIDI sequencer for this.

    The problems seem to occur when I use a MIDI LFO to, for example, the MIX parameter (CC14) of BAM.

    When editing the LFO settings on the Pyramid, the BAM always ‘crashes’ after a short period.
    When it crashed, it still produces sound, but doesn’t get MIDI recognized anymore (so also it can’t receive an ‘all notes off’ message anymore).

    After starting up the BAM again, it recognises MIDI again…

    I’ve tested with different setups, but even on a very simple direct MIDI connection from Pyramid’s MIDI DIN out to BAM’s MIDI in, the problem occurs.

    I monitored the MIDI of the Pyramid, and everything seems to be normal. I also tried to filter ‘program changes’ on the BAM (though I don’t use PC commands at this moment), but didn’t help as well. There’s no clock being send to the device / on that channel…

    I’ve also tried to install the new firmware, but no succes…

    Could it be a problem that the BAM can’t handle ‘fast’ MIDI data?

    Some advice of BIM/BAM users?

    I also mailed support of OTO…

    Thanks a lot!


    OK!.. I had kinda the same problems with BAM and Pyramid.. ether it crashed or went apeshit and I had to disconnect the power to make the BAM work again.

    I gave up and thought it was the pyramid and sold it, but now I see that BAM crashes no matter what CC I send from Ableton live :-(

    So I guess there is a MIDI problem on the BAM.. Kinda a sucks, cuz without the possibility to change effects on the run over MIDI it just makes the BAM an un-dynamic expensive effect box.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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