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    Oto Machines

    Hi to all,

    Sorry for not giving news more often.
    Since a year, like many other companies, we are facing an unprecedented electronic components shortage crisis. We’ve spent a lot of time to find components and ensure that the next batches of BIM-BAM-BOUM could be delivered in a reasonable time. Some of the components we use in our products had a lead time of a year or more.

    Beside the production issues, it’s also quite difficult these days to develop new products. Sometimes you can’t buy the components for the prototypes, and sometimes you don’t know if all the components will be available in the next months for the production. This is particularly a problem with the MCUs (a microcontroller that is the heart of our products), memory chips, converters,…

    I have some interesting projects under the hood but I have to wait the end of the crisis in 2022 (I hope so…) to finish and release them. So I’ve worked on a smaller and simpler device, almost finished, using no MCU, memory chip nor converter. This will be quite different than the previous OTO products, and might surprise some of our customers.
    More news this fall/winter, I hope so.

    All the best,



    Hi Denis,

    It’s a unfortunate that there aren’t enough parts, but I’m really looking forward to the smaller and simpler device you’re working on.
    I love BIM-BAM-BOUM very much.
    I am waiting for good news from you again about the new product!



    Hi Denis, can’t wait to see the new machine ! (and yes that component shortage crisis is a nightmare for gear addicts) Any update planned for the BOUM ? Someone was mentioning issue when using CC messages on the cirklon forum : “Does anyone experienced unresponsive MIDI input with BOUM when Cirklon sends complete MIDI CC’s instead of PGM changes for changing values. Also it sometimes stucks when you power up BOUM while Cirklon is sending MIDI clock.”


    Hi, Denis and thanks for the update. Big fan of your products and I really look forward to see what you have in store. Keep up the good work!



    Thanks for the update Denis! Looking forward to seeing the new device – then adding it to my OTO arsenal at some point :) It sounds intriguing!

    Oto Machines

    I have a beta for BOUM with a Gate release time parameter, and a MIDI bug fix.
    For those interested, please send me an email : support (at) otomachines (dot) com


    If nothing else glad you’re still operational. Hope we can see some of your new designs soon!


    Thanks for the information.
    Looking forward to seeing your new projects w/ and w/out MCU.

    Lying Dalai

    It seems this forum is not very alive…
    Bébé Chérie was quite some news ;)

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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