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    Do you plan to build some more OTO biscuit one day ?
    It is sold out and i would love so much to get one !

    Oto Machines

    Hi Renaud,

    Unfortunately no. For a small company like OTO (2 people in all!), it would be too expensive and risky to build more Biscuits in the future. The reason is that we can’t build only 50 or 100 units to fulfill the demand. We need to order parts in great quantities (like 1000) in order to have enough margin to build the batch.
    Biscuit also needs few components that are now obsoletes. We had an old stock for the last batch (december 2015), but now we’ll have to redesign the boards with newer components. Again, too risky and too expensive for us !



    Hi Denis,

    Thanks for your answer. Yeah i understand. And by the way bravo for your work, 2 guys can do so much !!
    Still i am pretty sure if you make a pre-order list, or even just a wish list, you could easily find 1000 people interested :). For now i am gonna snake on the second hand market but it is pretty damned hard to find one !



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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