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    I was using my Biscuit after not touching it for a long time, and noticed that it is much noisier then I remembered it being.

    I understand that 8bit AD/DA conversion will introduce a substantial noise floor by nature, but in the recording this is much more then I’d expect. I’ve set everything to the most neutral position. LPF all the way open, without resonance. Clock knob all the way clock-wise, and effects off. Naked 0%, dressed 100%. I’ve set the drive to about 9 o-clock which seems to be unity level.

    In the recording below you hear two notes played with OTO in bypass, and then the same audio with OTO on.


    Oto Machines

    The noise level seems normal for me (the 8-bit conversion noise is more obvious with simple sounds like sinewaves,…). You can upgrade the signal to noise ratio by increasing the DRIVE until you see the BYPASS switch going orange on peaks, and/or lowering the LPF frequency to remove the 8-bit noise.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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