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    I updated my bim to the new firmware. Reverse and thru modes are really great, having a lot of fun with them. Thanks for the upgrade Denis!

    Anyways, When I play in thru mode I am unable to use the lfo to modulate the signal. Is this intentional or is it just my unit? I’m a little bummed out because I was hoping to use the random lfo to add a little warble/jitter to the signal like some of the old samplers.

    Either way though, I’m super happy with the new features, and really appreciate that they were added. Thanks again!

    Oto Machines

    Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated !
    Thru mode has no delay, and you need a small delay if you want to modulate the pitch of a signal (like a vibrato or a chorus pedal). You can use the normal delay FX with the first range selected, but you’ll get something like 15ms of delay.


    ah that makes a lot of sense. thanks for your reply!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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