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    Just received my biscuit and have a quick question regarding the Naked (dry) signal.

    If Drive and Dressed are set to 0 (full left) with Naked set to max (full right), should the volume of the dry signal be lower than when the unit is in bypass?

    Looking at the schematic the naked signal doesn’t have any processing, so it looks like it should come through at the same volume as bypass, however in my unit the naked signal is much quieter.

    Is this normal?

    Oto Machines

    When the Naked is set to its maximum position, the volume should be exactly the same as the bypassed signal.
    Please do the following test to check if your Biscuit is ok :

    – Switch the BYPASS on and send a signal to Biscuit
    – Turn the DRIVE pot up until you see the BYPASS switch lit from green to orange quite often
    – Turn the DRESSED pot to its minimum position and NAKED to max
    – Check if you still have volume drops between Bypass and not

    Please let me know if it works.


    Hi Denis,

    I followed your steps and I was still experiencing a volume drop.

    However, I have since realised that if I use headphones directly into the Biscuit then I experience the volume drop. If I line out to my soundcard/speakers there is no volume drop.

    The unit is working fine, thank you for your help!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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