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    I recently bought a Biscuit.
    Very nice sounding machine! thanx for that.
    I already had a WMD – Geiger Counter and e Death by Audio – Robot which I still have and like a lot, but the Biscuit is another league.

    But I have a wish or idea I’d like to share:

    When using bitcrushers on melody focused instruments (like solo guitars) it would be so nice if the samplefreq tracks on the input signal. (WMD and DBA machines can’t do this either :( )
    Ring Modulators used to have the same problemen: when tuning te carrier on one note it sounds bad on another because the carrier doesn’t move along with the played melody.
    This problem has been solved once by Electro Harmonix in the Ring Thing ringmodulator.
    Could this same trick be applied in the Biscuit?
    Maybe by a firmware upgrade?

    And if not: maybe it’ll be considerable to build another Biscuit as a guitar stompbox with an added part of hardware which does the tracking of the incoming audio signal to modulate that sample freq knob?

    Best regards from the Netherlands,


    Oto Machines

    Hi Matthew,
    Biscuit have a small 8-bit microcontroller inside. It’s not powerful enough to do some frequency recognition necessary for sample tracking.
    About a Biscuit guitar stompbox : I’m finishing BOUM at the moment, and I already have projects for 2017. I don’t have time to work on a guitar stompbox, sorry !
    All the best,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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