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    just bought the incredible BAM and BIM which are some of the best sounding, most fun pieces of kit I’ve ever come across.

    Seem to have found a couple of minor bugs though – I have been trying to put together Cubase MIDI device panels and BCF-2000 presets to control them remotely as another option to tweaking the very tweakable boxes themselves, but ‘Type’ CC 18 on the BAM doesn’t seem to respond to the CC. Also the BIM likewise doesn’t seem to respond to CC 30 ‘LFO Division’ – and in fact this LFO Division control doesn’t seem to change anything when operated on the unit either.

    My Tap Tempo light doesn’t light up when Tap Tempo is set to LFO only or LFO & Delay Time, only when it is set to Delay Time only.
    IS this correct behaviour, and if not, could that be related to the LFO Division issue?

    If I get these working I can share my Cubase Device Panels!

    Many thanks,


    Re BIM tap tempo light not blinking when set to LFO sync: I’ve had the same issue since day one and this is a known bug to Denis. He said he’d issue a fw update when he’d have time. Presumably this won’t happen until after Boum is released.
    If you have further questions, I suggest you contact Denis directly via email (if you haven’t already) – he usually replies in a few days, though he rarely comes to the forum. No wonder, he’s been busy with finalizing BOUM for us! :)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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